Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Send in the whaah-mbulance!

It looks like things are heating up in the battle for union representation at Memorial. Shown below is Zombie UHW trustee Eliseo Medina's letter stating Zombie UHW is unwilling to agree to ground rules for the representation election unless NUHW is excluded from the ballot. (Click on the letter below and scroll down to page 3 to view Medina' response.)

Let's dissect and expose this letter for what it really is: a desperate attempt at keeping the underdog from winning in a landslide election.

Medina states that NUHW standing as a labor organizaiton "is little more than wishful thinking."

So, if NUHW is merely a fantasy of the workers it should be pretty easy to defeat, right? Well have no fear my brothers and sisters at Memorial, I have it on good authority that the workers at Memorial are united against SEIU, as shown in Don F's comment to the "Zombie UHW pesters Memorial workers with another weak mailer" entry. Scroll down to read his first comment.

Medina goes on to state "officials of NUHW have engaged in the improper stewardship of SEIU-UHW members' dues and misuse of union resources."

Hmmmm is Medina blaming NUHW for the money spent so far fighting and LOSING to NUHW, enslaved members, and prospective members on every front, over every little detail all in the name of member representation and defense, occasionally losing because of NLRB/PERB decisions?

Finally he states: "We have no grounds to trust that such people would abide by an agreement that calls for honest and ethical behavior."

Ok, that last one tears it. Where's my ass whippin' stick? (Settle down, the link is not an actual stick). Mosey on over to Perez's blog and see all the crap the Purple Plague pulled in Fresno's homecare representation election back in June only to barely win the election, (though some votes have yet to be counted)!


  1. Eliseo Medina, the farm worker sell out and scab, must be delusional. Medina knows perfectly well that Memorial workers are united against the anti-union Purple Plague. His rehtoric is only a desperate attempt at keeping his job by showing a semblance of keeping the battle at Memorial on an even keel.

    The workers at Memorial have fought too long and hard to let the scabs get the better of them. Memorial will show the world that SEIU's
    strategy of supporting the employer and cutting backroom deals that adversly affect the rank-and-file was a critical mistake.

    NUHW rising! SEIU deminishing!

  2. I wonder how the 1965 version of Eliseo would have responded to accusations that the UFW "does not actually represent any dues-paying members and is not a certified collective bargaining agent in any workplace."

    Leaving aside the blatant falsity of the statement (NUHW has already won a number of elections, not to mention the filing of majority petitions for tens of thousands of workers), according to Eliseo's logic, it would be impossible to ever start a new union. Only existing, "real" unions would be eligible to file for elections. NO UFW I guess.