Thursday, November 12, 2009

62 pages of smoking gun goodness

Remember my earlier post about how the hammer was about to be dropped on the UHW camp? Well here it is folks, NUHW has the goods on SEIU's criminal and frequent misdoings in Fresno. Packed full of legal defenses of NUHW's claims against the Zombies, declarations by both NUHW staff and former Zombie staff members (whom implicated themselves in an attempt to come clean). The good stuff begins with declarations from a few IHSS workers who had the courage to step forward and describe the hell they went through because of the Zombies, and of course the smoking gun itself: "Winning in Fresno: Some Tips for Success" (last page of the lawsuit).

So first off is a Table-O-Contents, using the page numbers shown when viewing the documents as a PDF. A print out will not show the page numbers I have listed below. Exhibits 1-5 not in this document.

Summary by NUHW

Response to the Zombies "position paper", proof of service
Exhibit 6: Defense of election results as seen from the Department of Industrial Relations, "...and the winner is:"
12, 13-14, 15
Exhibit 7: Signed Supplemental Declaration from NUHW Director of Long Term Care Division John Vellardita
16, 17-19

Exhibit 8: Signed declaration from Carlos Martinez, former Zombie staff member
20, 21-26

Exhibit 9: Signed declaration from Andriana Gomez, Fresno IHSS (homecare) worker
27, 28-29

Exhibit 10: Signed declaration from Sheri Davis, Fresno IHSS worker
30, 31-33
Exhibit 11: English declaration from Patricia Barbosa Rodriguez, Fresno IHSS worker
34, 35-37
Spanish to English translation certification from TransPerfect for Rodriguez
Rodriguez's signed original declaration in Spanish
Exhibit 12: Signed declaration from Mary Townsend, Fresno IHSS (homecare) worker
43, 44-46
Exhibit 13: English declaration from Irma Orozco Fresno IHSS (homecare) worker
Spanish to English translation certification from TransPerfect for Orozco
Orozco's original declaration in Spanish
Exhibit 14: Signed declaration from Richard O'Brien, SEIU staff from SEIU Healthcare PA (Pennsylvania)
Exhibit 15: Signed declaration of Alexandra Early, SEIU staff from the Fresno fight
SEIU's very incriminating handout: "Winning in Fresno: Some Tips for Success".                                                      

Whew! Ok, that's done so let us dig in to this pile of garbage and see what juicy nuggets of Zombie fear-mongering we can dig up.

It appears that all the reports on PerezStern and ¡Adios Andy! were right on the money. Was there ever any doubt in your mind?

In one of it's more desperate moments the Zombies tried to challenge the PERB's (Public Employees Relations Board our equivalent of the NLRB, the National Relations Board) "jurisdiction to resolve the allegations raised by NUHW". What the...? Huh? Isn't that like a criminal trying to convince a cop that she doesn't have the authority to arrest the criminal? Since when does SEIU get to the the PERB where and how to do it's job?

NUHW supports its reasoning with a quote from the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA). Section 3309(c) states: "unfair practice charges made during an election shall be submitted to the Public Employee Relations Board for resolution." Hah! Take that you misquoting-for-your-own-gain criminals! Never fear: the Zombies will misquote again, keep reading!

Nearly a month after the election, the State Department of Industrial Relations sealed the fate of 10,000 fellow homecare workers in Fresno was sealed. I wish I knew at the time the Zombie had similar plans for Sonoma homecare workers.

Can you imagine how the ruse pulled on Mr. Roose is going to backfire on the Zombies?

Ok get ready to kick it up a notch. Below is Vellardita's (partial?) laundry list of complaints against SEIU. For those playing along at home mark this on your score card and check them off as further proof of SEIU bully-the-workers-party in Fresno sees the light of day. For the party hardy readers: drink 1 shot of the good stuff for each claim that proves to be true in the coming months. As soon as I know it will be here on the Red Revolt within hours.

But what good is a claim without substantial evidence to back it up? Enter the signed declaration of former (and quite remorseful) SEIU interloper and scab Carlos Martinez. While here in California, his boss Rebecca Mahlberg subtly  instructed him to work against the good of the homecare workers they were so desperate to "represent". Here Mahlberg shows what she is really made of, and it's not sugar and spice and everything nice!

Just words so far, right? It's illegal for an union employee or volunteer under their direction to handle a ballot or the envelope, period. Can words describe the reprehensible actions of the union we all pays dues to?

At one point in the campaign the Purple Plague needs someone for on the spot Spanish to English translations. Who does it? Martinez. What do they do after translation? Well, this is their first major assault on unrepresented workers so they weren't taking any chances on playing a fair game, so I'm sure you can figure out what happened to at least one translation.

Ok, so I found some words. Unmitigated arrogance, and brazen inhumanity to fellow man. So a college educated white woman sees fit to act like a child? I can't imagine what kind of social criminal works for SEIU when oppression like this happens. This appear to be a turning point in Martinez' understanding of the kind of morally corrupt outfit he is working for. I applaud him for trying to get the word out, but as you can see when your dues money goes to elect a president it's very hard to get anyone to investigate that same union.

Note the 3 federal government officials that didn't act on Martinez's pleas for help. How much abuse must the workers endure before somebody in power steps up?! Good thing we have some on our side! Go Red team!

Here are several clips of workers having their voting supervised and the accompanying harassment. To follow a  worker to the post office is both a sign of desperation and downright creepy, so is the supervised voting, initialing ballots, persuasion to change their vote, etc. For any vote any where it should be done alone, with help from any party on the ballot. SEIU doesn't see it this way as shown here.

From Fresno IHSS (homecare) worker Adriana Gomez's declaration (translated from Spanish):

From fellow Fresno homecare worker Sheri Davis.

Creepy, huh? Unfortunately for these workers SEIU "forgot" (see below) to tell them that benefits are negotiated by but not administered by the union. They go step further in the next quote. In it, they claim to be able to reduce a consumer's (patient's) hours as punishment for not voting for SEIU, yet I am certain that in every contract SEIU has negotiated in California for homecare providers (workers) in California including here in Sonoma county, the consumer's determines who to fire and hire. They are using the ignorance of the members against them. Is that union you'd vote for?

From Patricia Barbosa Rodriguez (translated from Spanish):

I've always believed that in a fight the loser always fights harder, and they are fighting pretty hard to keep what they should have lost.

The end is near folks: for both this entry and the Purple Plague.

Ok everybody the bullet is in the chamber now. Read this declaration from a former staff member to get an inside look on the trickery the Purple Plague pulled in Fresno.

From Alexandra Early, O'Brien's subordinate.

 Finally, here is the smoking gun. Enjoy!



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  1. The SEIU and its dictatorial president have lost all semblence of honor, self respect and dignity within the labor movement. For over a year now, the SEIU has not acted like a union at all. On the contrary, SEIU has become indistinguishable from the worst employers in America.