Monday, November 9, 2009

Pure. Psychological. Bullshit.

As predicted the Zombies have begun their onslaught at Memorial with the following 2 propaganda pieces. The first is a mailer paid for with my dues money; the second was handed out mindless, I-sold-my-soul-to-the-devil-so-I-can-get-a-paycheck Zombies at the hospital.

A few things about this cartoon-ish mailer jump out at me.
  1. Given the Zombies preference for sellout contracts, can they point to a single contract they've negotiated since the trusteeship that truly improves workers lives?
  2. "NUHW represents no members under contract" ... yet!
  3. The Zombies have been hemorrhaging cash and staff for months now, one wonders do they have any cash left to pay their bills? If not I'm sure they can tap into the $87.7 million loan SEIU took out from Bank of America. It's time for SEIU to STFU!
  4. Couldn't they find any member at the hospital to quote? I guess not since they dropped the ball twice this year!
  5. To the member quoted above (Julie Adams): Did she make her statement before the trusteeship? Does she still work at there since the layoffs Kaiser and the Zombies orchestrated, but denied involvement.
And then there is this recycled piece of garbage.

  1. It seems SEIU has finally acknowledged that NUHW is a union.
  2. The $3 million they "took for their own purposes" was meant to be spent defending itself from Andy Stern and his crew of dissent crushing lap dogs. There is no Federal law preventing a local from defending itself against it's parent union.
  3. Why would anyone who left SEIU want to return? I'd rather work at McDonald's than work for SEIU.
Ugh...need I say more?


  1. This would be a great time for SRMH workers to start using their shredders for this 3rd clASS junk mail ! Funny, the one quote, or only quote they could get is from worker at Kaiser Napa !

    Overall, very sad to see our dues money going to SEIU for this..However, it is SEIU's fear and lies, etc that will be their ultimate downfall and NUHW's gain for a win at SRMH in December.
    GO RED !

  2. SEIU sells out workersNovember 10, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    These fliers tell us alot about the SEIU mindset:

    1. Workers are like children who like cartoons
    2. Union = business

  3. SEIU's desperate pleas for member support at Memorial Santa Rosa goes to show how low they will go. The Purple Plague can't do anything but resort to outragious lies that no one is going to believe.

    SEIU is desperate and is definately exposed about how the cut back-room deals with the bosses. It's disgusting to learn how many members have lost wages and benefits because of SEIU's sweetheart deals with the employer.

    The workers at Memorial will hand SEIU its first major defeat with many more to follow.

    NUHW rising! SEIU deminishing!

  4. I call BS on SEIU UHW having 5,000 members in Santa Rosa. No way that's possible. Anyway, most of them are trying to get out of SEIU.

  5. Perhaps there are 5,000 members across all divisions of Zombie UHW. The bulk are surely from homecare but there are also the prisoners in Kaiser, Sutter...that's all the comes to mind. At 2% of wages per member per month that adds up quick.