Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrate 75 years of improving healthcare workers lives!

75 years ago in San Francisco, in the heat of the 1934 General Strike, the nation's first healthcare workers' union was born. Today, 100,000 caregivers like you and me all across California are continuing that legacy by organizing the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).

I have a special invitation for NUHW activists today. Joined by over 40 respected labor and community leaders like John Burton and Dolores Huerta, the Fund for Union Democracy, an organization committed to supporting workers' struggle for democracy, is hosting an event honoring NUHW and 26 of our elected union leaders and organizers.

There is a special $25 rate for healthcare workers and our families and I strongly wish to extend an invitation for all of you to attend. Will you stand today in support of a powerful and democratic labor movement by signing up to attend a special benefit on November 16th in San Francisco?

As you know, time and again, healthcare workers have stood up for justice and democracy. Today, we are holding the line against sweetheart deals by SEIU officials that threaten our jobs, our patients and our future. Unfortunately, workers who are at the forefront of the movement for worker democracy and our elected leaders and organizers who have stood with us are under attack.

SEIU officials have launched an aggressive campaign to stop us from exercising our free choice to form our own member-led union, NUHW. As part of this campaign, SEIU has hired dozens of lawyers to block union elections and to intimidate twenty-six of our elected union leaders and organizers with a harassing lawsuit.

You can stand up for a powerful and democratic labor movement.  Please join us on Monday, November 16th at the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall, 1621 Market Street (at Franklin Street) in San Francisco on Market Street from 5:30-7:30PM at this special event honoring NUHW and 26 leaders in the fight for union democracy. Please sign up for tickets or, if you can't attend, make a donation at this link today!

Funds raised at this event will support the legal defense of these twenty-six union activists who have dedicated decades to building power for working people and to making progressive change in our communities.   A list of their names can be found at the invitation link below.

Please click here to donate and/or to purchase tickets online.

Here's a flier for you to distribute to your friends, family and co-workers. Click on it to view and print it.

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