Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whining, Zombie UHW style

Ever stop to think and forget to start again? Yeah, happened to me. I was reading the SEIU Wages War on Progressives article by Randy Shaw at Beyond Chron and then the phone rang...and you can probably guess how this story ends.

SEIU's behavior in San Francisco (below) and especially in Los Angeles represents the kind of sniveling, whining, nobody-is-paying-attention-to-me nonsense they seem so fond of lately. They are draw attention to themselves while going out of their way to alienate their members, the North Bay labor council, labor allies and politicians. I suspect that when the 80 petitions to change union representation are processed by the NLRB, SEIU will have a very hard time finding anyone to help fight their battle, or listen to their trumped up complaints. This now brings the number of credible journalists who documents SEIU's disgusting behavior to 4: the Wall Street Journal, the North Bay Business Journal, the Press Democrat and of course Beyond Chron.

So without any further delay here is Randy's article.

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