Thursday, November 5, 2009

When Zombie Trustee Elesio Medina writes, nobody cares

Elesio is doing it again. That annoying thing he does with his mind, hands and lips: expressing an opinion and "facts" that nobody cares save for only him and a few of his closest colleagues believe to be true. Shown below is his response to the letter from 15 clergy.

He states the Zombies can not "in good conscience take any action that would suggest 'NUHW' is a legitimate alternative to" blah blah blah...who cares?! So I ask: if NUHW is such a pathetic alternative to SEIU an election ought to be in their favor, right? So why don't they allow an election without further mailings, phone calls, unwelcome house visits and let the members decide?

Medina also feels that "workers best interests would have been served had they been able to unite with SEIU-UHW". This is very telling of SEIU's tact for unionization: join us or we'll prevent you from joining any other organization. Clearly a competition for workers with another union is unacceptable and must be defeated at all costs despite worker perference, and employer support. How often does an employer support is workers ability to choose if and which union represents them?

You'll note even the hospital possibly indicates it is tired of SEIU but using the word intervene (I assume in the "interfere" sense).

Medina boldly but stupidly states "we are trying to do what's right". Is the same kind of "doing what's right" that homecare workers experienced back in September? Medina's final sentence states that by joining SEIU members "can keep making forward progress instead of going backwards". Yet going backward is exactly what happened to 1,600 Kaiser pharmacy tech members.


  1. I just love to comment on Keyser's blog because he's to the point and exposes just how phony and hypocritical Eliseo Medina and SEIU really are. No one listens to Medina's tirades and bluster. He's nothing but hot air.
    Only thing is, when he opens his mouth it tightens the noose around his scabby neck.

    Keep up the good work, Eliseo. You have the same effect as the tea bag screamers that the right wing of the Republican party are using against the Democrats. You are are a true obstructionist within the labor movement.

  2. Thanks! It's good to see me blog is being read far and wide.