Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Purple Plague fights 3 foes at Santa Rosa Memorial: NUHW, North Bay Labor Council and ...?

That's right folks the Zombies are taking on 3 parties interested in organizing workers at Santa Rosa Memorial: NUHW, the North Bay Labor Council and (of course) the workers themselves! Read what the NBLC has to say on the matter. NUHW doesn't (yet) have a delegation to the Labor Council but they are still supported. The former UHW-W built up quite a coalition of community, political and labor leaders and was on the verge of a representation vote earlier this year but abandoned our future brothers and sister once this politically motivated trusteeship went into effect. Oh, the horror of being in UHW's death-grip is bad enough but when they have no plans to help workers improve their lives, nonsense like this happens.


  1. What SEIU is doing at Santa Rosa Memorial is pure union-busting. It is thoroughly disgusting.

  2. Well, What do expect, Andy has ruined our union , probably beyond repair.