Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zombie UHW pesters Memorial workers with another weak mailer

In what is sure to be one of many mailers from Zombie UHW aimed at re-winning the hearts and minds of Memorial workers, the Zombies mailed this bit of garbage. As you can see it uses the same tired and misleading arguments we've all heard since January 2009. Let's dissect this stinker, hold it up to the light and see it for what it really is: a message that came from the wrong union and came too late to make a difference for SEIU.

Who is NUHW?
The people who run NUHW were removed from office for misusing the members' dues money.

No, they were removed for not allowing the forced transfer of 65,000 homecare members from UHW to ULTCW. At the time UHW was a model local union and ULTCW was (and still is) reeling from their own corruption But the dues money used so far to negotiate sellout contracts (here, here and here) since the trusteeship began couldn't possibly be called misuse -- oh, no, no, no. Don't get me started on the fight for Fresno homecare workers, and the $10 million the Zombies spent there (at ~$3600+ per vote) to barely "win" an election, where SEIU claimed to have 5,000 -- an absolute majority of votes. Ugh, it makes me sick!

In January, NUHW leaders (then officers of SEIU-UHW) were found guilty by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall of misuing members' dues money and were removed from office. The very next day, they formed NUHW.

To me, this bit of crafty wording seems to imply that Secretary Marshall removed them from office, which is outside his authority reach or interest. Also, page 96 of Marshall's report states: " [...] I do not recommend imposing a trusteeship on these grounds at this time because these actions were merely symptoms of the basic underlying cause of the conflict between UHW and the International Union–the jurisdictional conflict over long-term care workers."

Once the leaders of the pre-trusteeship leaders of UHW realized that Rosselli's proclamation stating democracy "democracy dies in the darkness" had come true and UHW by extension and SEIU was a sinking ship, they headed for higher grounds.

What Did the NUHW Leaders Do Wrong? 

Since their removal from office, union members have found out that NUHW leaders:
  • Transferred $3 million in members' dues money to a bogus non-profit for their own use.
 This should in no way be confused with the blatant misuse of dues money perpetrated by Tyrone Freeman one of SEIU International President Andy Stern's appointed (NOT elected) local leaders. Also, setting up a mechanism for defending itself from the tyranny of SEIU International can only considered wrong
  • Stole thousands of dollars of union property and destroyed files needed to protect workers against management.
This is an unsubstantiated allegation. Assuming it happened you'd think it would have been extensively publicized.
  • Left thousands of workers without union protection in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetime by refusing to bargain more than 100 contracts and canceling extensions of dozens more.
Not like, say, the 50,000+ Kaiser Permanente members who had their futures and livelihoods sold down the river by Zombie UHW (as shown here, here and here) or the  4700+ Sonoma county homecare workers who had their fate sealed for the next 2 years.

What does the future hold for NUHW?

NUHW leaders will soon be going on trial in Federal Court.

Going to court does not mean a guaranteed guilty verdict.

In July, U.S district Judge William issued a preliminary injunction against NUHW leaders finding that they participated in a "broad-based scheme to take and destroy UHW property and information" contrary to the interests of the union members they once represented.

Who is saying the quoted phrase? It doesn't matter: one way it's an unsubstantiated allegation the other way it's a just nonsensical fear mongering.

Granted, in order to prevent the wholesale loss of faith and interest of its members worldwide SEIU has to
fight NUHW's advances but they could at least change their message to maintain appeal and relevance, unless of course they have nothing left to say.


  1. Not to worry. The workers at Memorial have been fully inoculated against the Purple Plague! As proof you only have to look at the meetings Zombie UHW held back on Oct 14th. They had 3 meetings at 8:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm. of those 3 meetings only 2 non-NUHW supporters showed up. One of them got back in his car and left when he found out it wasn't a NUHW meeting(he got confused) and the other who did stay for their meeting to get more information now supports NUHW and has been helping us, the employee organizers on the organizing committee, to spread the word to his co-workers. I just feel sorry for all the dues paying members. Their money is being wasted by Zombie-UHW to mount a campaign that they have no chance of winning here at Memorial. We have tried to tell them time and again that they are not wanted but they just will not listen! So my most sincere apologies to all of you who have to pay for this non sense with your dues. All I can suggest is decertify when you get the chance and come join NUHW! You'll be a lot better off!

  2. Don F, we tried to decert but the Zombies had stitched up a new contract before he had a chance to file. Read the "When dealing with SEIU it's good to know we're not alone" ( to see what SEIU did to prevent a fair vote for our homecare contract renewal.

  3. The disgraced SEIU (Purple Scabs) are at it again. They're notorious for telling lies and diseminating false information in order to more readily be able to collect union dues.

    This is their number one priority.

    Anyone who has followed how SEIU conducts business is aware that they are in bed with the bosses and that they conduct secret backroom deals with mamagement. How can anyone in their right mind want a "union" like this? They're sellouts!

    The only true union for homecare workers and healthcare workers in California is NUHW. This new union is dedicated to representing members the way they should be represented: from the bottom up! The members themselves are the union and the representatives take orders from the members--not the other way around.

    Down with the Purple Scabs! Up with NUHW!

  4. I know they really screwed you homecare workers over big time Keyser!!! My message about Decertifing was intended for anyone else that might have an open contract soon, thus giving them a chance to decertify. My message to homecare workers is this: Just try to hang in there guys and know you are not alone! All healthcare professionals wether we work in a client's home, an office, a hospital, a clinic, etc. need to be united against the kind of dirty double dealing crap that Andy Stern and his appointed elite are responsible for.