Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pow! Pow! SEIU shoots itself in both feet!

First, SEIU State Council and Local 99 President Bill Lloyd angers the most powerful labor ally in California state history, then he negotiates a sellout deal (is there any other kind?) on behalf of 1,200 members.

Typical SEIU: bargain a crappy deal, call it a victory for the workers, move on to the next atrocity. Rinse and repeat y'all: the SEIU life death cycle repeats itself. I thought UHW was raveling at breakneck speed, but with Local 99 feeling left out of the action it has now joined the SEIU implosion party.

1 comment:

  1. Bill Lloyd is a typical SEIU scab who simply follows Stern's direction no matter how it affects members at the worksite. The 1200 members of Local 99 should let Lloyd and the SEIU know how angry they are for his sellout and collusion with the bosses.

    It seems that anything SEIU is involved with nowdays hurts members and gives the advantage to the employer. Workers do not need this kind of representation, or non-representation, by the union.