Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garbage in, garbage out

Straight from the mailbox and on to the blog, here's the latest propaganda nonsense from the Zombies. Why do they keep using the same 4 arguments? Don't they have a legitimate victory they can highlight? I can think of three for NUHW.

Sequoias caregivers join NUHW 
Los Alamitos Hospital join National Union of Healthcare Workers 
Workers win election at Doctor's San Pablo

So in classic Söze style I will pick apart their 5 nonsensical arguments.

"No members under contract."

How do they know the above listed facilities aren't under contract? If they were the Zombies would surely avoid publicizing this most embarrassing loss.

"Dozens of staff leaving."

Who? Do they have names (or the positions they left behind) to back this claim? As far as I am aware they have only publicized the the unemployment claim of one worker, which in my opinion is private business between the former employer, the former employee and the EDD.

"Going broke and facing financial judgement in Federal Court."

What, specifically, are they talking about? SEIU is burning through cash pretty fast.Why else would they take out a loan for $87.7 million from Bank of America? Note: after they took out this loan then turned around and attacked B of A and it's CEO Ken Lewis. This is the new SEIU: attack your union brothers and sisters, squander members money, take credit for the work of others, etc, etc, etc.

"Struggling to stay in business."

If the lawsuit NUHW recently filed against the Zombies for their browbeating in Fresno is any sign then NUHW seems to be doing just fine. The damaging declarations gathered for the suit and then research for writing the PERB complaint show that NUHW has both the money and the muscle to fight SEIU.

Finally, "[a] union about to close it doors can't win a contract" has won 2 contracts so far. More are on the way, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for more stupid; the election at Memorial is fast approaching and SEIU is sure to be a source of many tragically comical entries.


    Or WOW! They really have lost touch with grass roots campaigns & democracy.

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