Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, UHW style

First UHW mails out a cartoon mailer now they try to bribe the workers at Memorial with turkey shaped cholocate candy? Really? Is this what the Zombies have to do to even get a worker to acknowledge their presence? This is desperate and creepy in a "Hew there little boy, do you want some candy?" way. It this how they view the very folks they abandoned not once but twice? At least it's cheaper than a bunch of pizzas, and as a dues paying member prisoner of SEIU I am thankful for that. With a union that is so unaccountable for it's money management skills will they ever learn from their costly mistakes? Anything? Ever? I have a lot of questions for these clowns to answer.

I'll be back on the job Friday evening. Happy Turkey day y'all.

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