Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Zombies protest the Fund for Union Democracy fundraiser. Wait. What?

A couple of interesting things came out yesterday's Fund for Union Democracy fundraiser in San Francisco.

First, Randy Shaw at BeyondChron writes about how SEIU has outdone itself when it comes to fighting against those who should be allies. Sound familiar?

Second, I was emailed this tragic and hilarious pic from SEIU's protest of the fundraiser. I want my dues money refunded. All of it. SEIU's behavior just gets weirder and weirder. I have bills to pay and a chicken outfit it not one of them!

To my "fowl" friend: UHW is doing a fine job destroying itself, no need for help from other labor unions.

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  1. What is UHW trying to say by putting Sonoma County homecare worker Marie Melchor in a chicken suit with UHW stitched to the chest? Are they saying UHW has chickens as employees or workers? I've met and spoke to Marie before and she's one of the 8 hand-picked homecare workers who "bargained" our most recent contract. She tends to agree with whatever perceived authority is talking to her at the moment. Tell her what to think or say and she will, with our hesitation or comprehension.