Sunday, November 8, 2009

Major news on the horizon...

I don't want to post until I see the something of substance but when speaking with Sal Rosselli, interim President of NUHW tonight at the panel discussion he stated a legal action next week could turn Zombie UHW upside down. I don't mean in the way they are doing now with sellout contracts, member intimidation, and so on but I mean run around in a sweat-drenched panic like your hair is on fire because as a Zombie staffer it's less painful than the hell your Zombie overlords are about to put you through kind of life changing news.

Now was that a mouthful? It sure was. Run-on sentence? Almost.

Shown below is what I predict will be a typical Zombie UHW staffer will look like once the legal action is widely known. (My apologies to those with artistic sense that are offended; "The Scream" seems appropriate to me.)

Have a good weekend y'all. I'm going to go watch "Capitalism: A Love Story" with my wife of 5 months.

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