Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok, now the UHW Chicken makes sense!

UPDATE: NUHW volunteer Paul Krehbiel formerly of SEIU Local 660 penned an article detailing his experience. In it, he noted the appearance of a few free thinking Local 721 staff. Will they leave the dark side and join in the fight for union democracy and representation?

What turned out to be a pointless exercise in stupidity, that is dressing up a homecare worker in a chicken suit while the San Francisco bay area labor movement held a fundraiser for the Fund for Union Democracy, clearly SEIU needs eggs! Both Randy Shaw at BeyondChron and Sierra Spartan at ¡Adios Andy! report on the desperation of SEIU to get someone -- anyone -- to listen to their little and loud complaints.

There is no good defense for this behavior and as Randy Shaw so perfectly states: "SEIU is unifying the labor movement -- against it."

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  1. The egg throwing Chicken UHW scabs might as well have thrown the eggs at Stern and Burger because California's unions and progressives have untied against SEIU and their anti-union tactics. If the Obama administration wants to keep labor on its side, it must first distance itself from the SEIU which has become an albatross to the labor movement.