Monday, November 23, 2009

A reader's rant

This rant was emailed to me. I think you'll agree it's good enough to become an entry. Enjoy your first reader rant.
I often wonder where SEIU is hiding when the governor pushes his agenda to criminalize us and, ultimately, destroy the IHSS program. Do they not realize that by refusing to protest they're threatening their own "dues units" as they call us? Why is SEIU so silent about Arnold's continued assaults on our livelihoods and the very lives of those we serve?
Hey Dave and Eliseo, can you spare a minute from dressing up as chickens, throwing eggs at people and threatening the rest of the labor movement to actually do some real work in California??? Could you at least take your chicken and eggs and go visit Arnold? Maybe head off the next round of cuts to IHSS? Is that too much to ask in view of the OBSCENE amount of dues we pay and you waste?!!
It's brief but to the point: we're dues paying members who want represention, not chickens who hide from members and potiticians!


  1. It's true. SEIU is squandering members' dues with their phony protests, frivolous law suits, bribary, and who know what else.

    The fact is that if SEIU were truly concerned about healthcare and homecare workers, they wouln't be wasting millions of dues dollars to prop up their war with NUHW, Unite Here and progressives throughout the country. It is particularly disgusting that the scab SEIU are threatening to cut off donations to the Democratic Party in California. If this is how they really feel they should renounce the Democrats and join the phony Republican tea-baggers. Afterall, you can't really distinguish between the two.

  2. They are silent because...

    Arnold loves Andy Stern. Arnold refers to Andy as a "maverick".

    I'll bet Andy loves being called a maverick, by our beloved? governor

    maverick maverick maverick maverick maverick

  3. A little unfair to compare them to Teabaggers. I haven't heard of a single case of tea baggers egging anyone! Lower than Teabaggers... Yea... and that's pretty difficult to achieve ... Kinda like lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.