Sunday, November 1, 2009

Labor wars at Memorial Hospital

Here's a fine opinion piece from long time advocate for unionization at Memorial, Monsignor John Brenkle. He is the pastor of St. Helena Catholic Church. As you may recall the Monsignor had a few words to say with his clergy peers back on October 23, 2009.

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  1. SEIU has no shame. Monsignor John Brenkle's letter expressing the right of Memorial workers to vote for the union of their choice will probably be ignored by Eliseo Medina because he has clear intructions from Andy Stern and his executive board to obstruct a vote count by any means possible.

    SEIU is throwing up ridiculous blocking charges with the NLRB--such as "workers were ordered to change their uniforms".

    This is nothing but pure obstruction on the part of SEIU.

    SEIU's anti-union tactics to suppress workers' voices will not be ignored by the labor movement, and especially not by California's healthcare workers. SEIU is clearly the albatross of the labor movement and is losing all credibility with other local unions throughout the country.

    NUHW rising! SEIU deminishing!