Monday, November 9, 2009

SEIU gets off its high horse and finally agrees to election

Remember when Zombie UHW trustee Eliseo Medina said twice that an election at Memorial with NUHW on the ballot simply was simply unacceptable? Remember his resolve and his strong wording, including: "NUHW should step aside", that "it's future viability of as an organization is questionable at best" and here's where it becomes really lame that they (SEIU) has "no grounds to trust that such people would abide by an agreement that calls for honest and ethical behavior" (scroll down to the 3rd page)? (I know, I know...)Well, apparently he's pulled his head out of his--I  mean out of  the clouds and the Zombies have agreed to go ahead with the election with both unions listed on the ballot. And they said it couldn't be done!

However, it should be noted that the article doesn't say how or if SEIU will behave in the days running up to the election. My guess? A full court press by SEIU to bully and trick workers into voting for them. Think of it as our own little Fresno, complete with voter intimidation and fraud. However I think victory is close at hand given BeyondChron's Randy Shaw analysis of the fight in Fresno and it's parallels to the Vietnam War. Will the Zombie's learn from their mistakes? Not likely.

Thanks to North Bay Business Journal Staff Reporter Ashley Furness for another excellent write up on our struggle to escape the deathgrip of SEIU.

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