Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wall Street Journal: New Salvo Fired as Unions Battle Over Workers

For the Wall Street Journal's perspective on the Fresno fight, read here.

Irrespective of which union you favor or how you feel about organized labor, this much can be said about this absurd fight for representation: if SEIU had a decent approach to organizing and member representation we wouldn't be in this mess. In fact, their strategy is to grow for the sake of growth by adding members as fast a possible then leaving them to fend for themselves. How do I know? Just ask any homecare worker, anywhere or any UHW member that has had a contract renegotiated since SEIU hijacked our local in January 2009. SEIU is not good for workers and not good for America, no matter how you slice it.

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  1. Dave Regan stooped to a new low when he drafted the plan to threaten Spanish speaking homecare workers in Fresno with deportation if they did not vote for SEIU. SEIU's anti-union tactics against NUHW and homecare workers throughout California is nothing new and shouldn't surprize anyone. But it is especially disgusting to learn that Andy Stern has visited the Whitehouse twenty-two times in the last six months in an effort to hoodwink the Obama administration into believing that SEIU has the best interest of homecare and healthcare workers at heart.

    SEIU's anti-union strategy against NUHW is also especially disgusting because the Purple Plague is trying to take credit for all the wage and benefit increases won by Sal Roselli and the old Healthcare Workers West.

    NUHW rising! SEIU deminishing!