Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zombie UHW's anti-union mailer

After being asleep at the helm since their April filing with the NLRB, Zombie UHW has taken up fighting the workers choice in union representation at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. In their latest efforts the Zombies have sent this mailer which lays out several  rather lame arguments.

Gather 'round the family/work/library computer y'all and I will dissect each of the arguments made by the Zombies.
  • SEIU-UHW strength get the results that hospital workers need in these rough economic times.
Except when you learn that 1,600 Kaiser workers who were laid off (as shown in this section) with the Zombie's full knowledge and consent, despite the Zombie's claim to the contrary (as seen here).
  • NUHW has a history of dividing workers at a time when they need us most.
Clearly this is something SEIU would never do, unless its April 2008 and you are at the Labor Notes conference.
  • Representing over 150,000 healthcare workers, SEIU-UHW is the strongest healthcare union
Not all of them are willing members:
  1. 350 nursing home workers choose NUHW over SEIU
  2. Workers win election at Doctor's San Pablo!
  3. Caregivers at The Sequoias join National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • NUHW has 0 members under contract.
So did SEIU when it first started organizing. Give NUHW a couple years and I'm sure UHW will be but a painful and distant memory for the 150,000 of us under corporate union rule.
  • SEIU-UHW is the Kaiser union with nearly 50,000 members who set the standard for all other California hospitals.
By setting standards they mean offering massive “take-aways” like no training, no voting, etc.
  • NUHW has no plan and little money and resources. Many of their staff have quit.
Indeed NUHW is working on a shoestring budget but NUHW has  already helped the homecare workers in San Francisco and Sacramento counties.

People quite their jobs all the time, this is not new.
  • When Kaiser tried to lay off workers, thousands of SEIU-UHW members mobilized across the state. Over 1500 positions have already been protected.
“[h]ave already been protected”...sounds like a cover up to me! Also, the "mobilization across the state" was an overwhelming failure.
  • NUHW leaders are going to trial soon in Federal Court.
You think SEIU would publicize this with the same zeal as their long-worn-out claim of theft of $3 million, but I can't find anything about an impending trial!

This is clearly a desperate move on SEIU's part and will likely fall on deaf ears. They've lost the hearts and minds of the Memorial workers twice:
  1. first when they literally abandoned them right after the trusteeship and 
  2. again when they filed charges with the NLRB thus further delaying their union representation.


  1. SEIU also doesn't mention that the Kaiser workers want to join NUHW and are prevented only by a technicality. Even SEIU acknowledges that Kaiser will most likely go for NUHW when they are allowed to vote. In fact, that's a good reason for any unit to vote for NUHW when they have a chance -- because in a year Kaiser will no longer be SEIU. So if it's important to stay with Kaiser, then the choice for NUHW is clear. Also -- who negotiated the contracts for Kaiser workers that "set the standard?" Oh yeah -- the leaders of NUHW. Huh! Great blog by the way!

  2. Thanks! If you're a Sonoma county healthcare worker please feel free to contribute your perspective on the UHW mess at