Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Zombies dig themselves ever deeper now with managment's help

A good summary of the Zombies nonsense so far. Hats off to Randy Shaw at BeyondChron. Get ready for a laugh-a-thon as you see them lose all credibility with the very workers they are desperately trying to get to vote for them (HAH!), discard previous gains made at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and workers, and lose their grip on reality. My favorite sentence: "Few could have imagined one year ago that SEIU’s number one hospital organizing drive in 2009 would focus on preventing workers from joining a union."

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  1. Randy Shaw is on point. The SEIU is exposing itself as the obstructionist anti-union organization that they really are. Andy and his cronies continue to assault workers and their families by colluding with the employer at Memorial. SEIU should be ashamed of the tactics and strategy they are using against workers and their families.

    The critical battle between SEIU and NUHW in this arena will come to an end later this month. I have no doubt that SEIU will suffer an embarrassing defeat that will legitimize NUHW as the vanguard union for healthcare workers in California.

    On another front, UHW's web site indicates that they will appeal the NLRB's ruling to allow professional healthcare workers in southern California to vote for the union of their choice. Just like the Bush administration, SEIU is attempting to steal an election through phony legal maneuvers. However, the workers at Memorial despise the Purple Plague so much that SEIU can't get a single person to propagandize their anti-union campaign. They're actually using someone from another facility in a different city to prop-up their phony anti-union campaign.

    SEIU. Get ready to get your ass kicked!