Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Memorial management shows it's true colors

What we all knew was going on behind closed doors is now exposed to the light of day. I suggest reading Michael Aparicio's article on Empire Report, then reading below for my own color commentary on the Zombies new bestfriends.

It's very telling of the Zombies cozy association with hospital management, the carte blanche access they enjoy and allegations they have almost thrown in the towel before the vote even began.

Here are the documents referenced in Michael's article.

First is management's voter guide. I thought the Zombies giving us homecare workers voting advice was bold and stupid but this takes the cake!

They start out using good reasoning by encouraging their workers to get as much "real, factual, honest information -- as possible" but then they blow it by offering paid attendance to "voluntary information sessions". These are the same sessions that the FEOC, the Fair Election Oversight Committee was barred from overseeing. If management is acting in an above-board manner then there is no reason for them to hide behind closed doors. Whatever they are stating in secret, it must be really good, good enough to pass up transparency and the chance to get the heat off them and cause a little union in-fighting!

As for "treating one another with the highest level of Dignity and Justice"...ask Melissa Bosanco, one of 200 workers laid off and then rehired in a relief position with no health insurance, vacation time, sick time or voice how their Dignity initiative is working out for her. Can you believe that: she works at a hospital and there is no offer for health insurance. I wonder if she gets an employee discount.

So when it comes to making an informed decision, Memorial management really means vote no union so they run rough-shod over their employees.

How dumb do they think their workers are? Do they really think their employer or any employer is anything but viciously anti-union? Can anyone cite any employer how has welcomed a union, ever?

It gets worse; read on. As shown below they go from nearly neutral to kiss-off-your-rights-and-voice by voting Neither union.

They're quite bold here.
"That is why when it comes time for you to cast your ballot, we hope you decide that your best choice is to vote for keeping your personal, direct voice, which means marking the ballot "Neither."
Finally, they seem to have come to their senses momentarily. Just kidding! Now they want to make sure you don't blow your chance to vote Neither!

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