Friday, December 4, 2009

Memorial management & the Zombies: an unlikely alliance?

On May 20, 2009, SEIU had a prayer and lobbying event centered around the now abandoned Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Since they have made some very good friends with Memorial management. How good? I'm glad you asked.

In October when Memorial CEO Kevin Klockenga states that "SRMH leadership was scheduled to meet with NUHW officials to attempt to reach mutually agreed-upon ground rules for a future election," you'll notice he said "was scheduled". Since the Zombies couldn't be bothered with meeting with NUHW and Memorial management it never happened. Seeing one of the prospective unions hold up the election only served the Zombies and managements' wishes to frustrate and exhaust the workers. For both of them no union at all is better than NUHW. So the election that the workers have waited almost a year for was delayed yet again, all because of the Zombies selfish interests in delaying the inevitable landslide victory for NUHW.  

NOTE TO MANAGEMENT: Per the agreement created by your moral superiors in Respecting the Just Rights of Workers: Guidance and Options for Catholic Health Care and Unions "management agrees not to use traditional anti-union tactics or outside firms that specialize in such tactics". Management has already violated the anti-union tactics (which is reprehensible) and clearly SEIU is the outside firm (which is their new line of work). It's not for you to pick if and which union you do business with: this is the workers choice!

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  1. It should not come as a surprise that Memorial management and SEIU have partnered-up in a devious and anti-union alliance against NUHW.

    SEIU certainly has no principles or qualms about selling-out workers. It is somewhat confusing though that management at Memorial also has no principles, nor do they have any respect for the Catholic guidance points outlined by management's superiors.

    Ten more days before SEIU is soundly defeated at Memorial Santa Rosa.