Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding Sal Rosselli video makes South Park look sophisticated!

My oh my! The production values and cheesy "graphics" (if you can call them that) makes the animation on South Park seem on the cutting edge of animation technology. For my readers without an adolescent and crude sense of humor, South Park is an animated television program that, like SEIU, pushes the limits of decency, but unlike SEIU offers scathing social commentary, all while using sub-par animation. The horribly designed video and the clearly under-informed members speaking their "minds" attest to the quality of work of SEIU and the willingness of some to believe a perceived authority without question or comprehension.

As for NUHW not answering the door, my guess is they were out running circles around the Zombies while the Zombies were busy slapping members around or spreading lies about the $3 million that was "stolen" (not stolen just moved to another account, read the referenced E-Board meeting minutes).

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  1. UHW scabs are just like the Tea Partyers, they spread lies without hesitation, they try to instill fear and doubt in members' minds, and they are absolutely corrupt through and through. The Zombies know that there is nothing in their law suit about stealing three million dollars. As a matter of fact, these funds were transferred to the general fund before the Zombies even filed their frivolous law suit.

    And it is obvious throughout the labor and progressive movements that UHW is not only corrupt, they use millions of union dues dollars to promote their insidious propaganda. Political leaders all over California are also aware that UHW is just out to collect as many dues DOLLARS as possible because their coffers are drying up due to all the frivolous law suits and phony blocking charges with the NLRB and the PERB.