Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SEIU gets into bed with Sutter management...

...before the beds have even arrived! This move defines a new low for the Zombies in terms of back room deals and now, the very odd appropriation of their own staff.
The Side Letter even authorized Sutter to assign SEIU-UHW workers to spend work hours building support for the project.
Wow, I thought they hit rock bottom , but this is messed up! Read Randy Shaw's article of about the new deal between the Zombies and Sutter, the worst of the worst in their respective fields.

1 comment:

  1. The metamorphosis of SEIU-UHW is complete.

    They have aligned themselves with the bosses and they seem to be very proud that they've sold out so many community based health care advocates and workers in San Francisco.

    The corrupt SEIU-UHW also continues to import SEIU members from throughout the country to peddle their wares and push their insidious agenda. That UHW is pretending to promote the interests of health care in California is criminal.

    You have been exposed for what you truly are UHW: A TRAIT0R TO THE LABOR MOVEMENT!