Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's nearly here: a legitimate election for union representation at Memorial.

From all accounts SEIU will lose this election with most if not all votes going towards NUHW.

D. Ashley Furness of the North Bay Business Journal covers the story including SEIU filing a complaint with the NLRB for conflict of interest by NUHW’s attorney only to have it shot down October 23. Take that SEIU!

I suspect the Zombies will cry foul and block the vote count. I wonder how else SEIU will sabotage this election?


  1. Andy Stern's ambition of becoming the most powerful labor leader in the country must be increasingly becoming a nightmare for him.

    With SEIU losing battles on many fronts, including its frivolous law suits and the filing of fake charges with the NLRB, the defeats at the hands of Unite Here, it appears that the chickens have finally started coming home to roost.

    Healthcare workers throughout Califronia are aware of SEIU's method of operation, i.e., collusion with the bosses at the expense of the very workers that SEIU pretends to represnt. SEIU is notorious for cutting secret backroom deals with the employer in the hopes of growing their membership. But how does Stern and his cronies expect to win elections and to have loyal members when SEIU is rsponsible for lowering workers' wages and benefits?

    SEIU can't win even by using lies and deception in order to fool healthcare workers into believing that they can represent workers better than NUHW can. These Machiavellian tactics will not help SEIU to grow their membership. On the contrary, they have alienated healthcare workers more than the employer could ever hope to.

    NUHW will become the leading healthcare union in California. NUHW is on the rise!

  2. SEIU has no chance in this election. Once again, they are just wasting our dues.