Monday, October 19, 2009

In case there is any doubt about Zombie UHW's plans for long term care workers?

In case you are wondering if the Zombies still plan to move long term care workers (homecare and nursing home) from crumbling UHW to the decrepit, these fine people (as seen at the 2009 UHW convention) can show you! It appears that the the UHW Zombies have distributed a few "souvenir" shirts perhaps to be used as conversation pieces among the soon-ish to be effected members.

As you may recall one of the main reasons for this disastrous trusteeship (scroll down to #4) was the decision by the SEIU to move 65,000 LTC (long term care) members out of UHW and into the scandal-plagued ULTCW --  the United Long Term Care Workers, formerly known as Local 6434, and before that Local 434B.  How scandal plagued? Well, when it comes to SEIU locals that deserve to be trusteed, ULTCW takes the cake for misuse of dues money$9 an hour for most of it's members (that's 121,813!), and all around bad leadership. And what of their former leader you ask? He tired a brief stint as a sports agent and now has moved on to his own blog, the Blueprint for Justice, which if you search for comments no one has said a thing about his "blueprint".

UPDATE: I checked the blog on Thanksgiving morning, no comments anywhere or new entries since October 10.

Zombie UHW doesn't know what it's telling people half the time. I remember talking to SEIU liar Rebecca Malberg, who was here in California from Massachusetts for the battle in Fresno, on the steps of the State capital during the budget hearings. After putting on my dumb-homecare-worker mask I asked her what UHW was going to do with homecare workers when this pesky trusteeship and battle with NUHW was over. Would we be reassigned to ULTCW? She said that was absolutely not the case, and then went on to tell me that was exactly what UHW was going to do, all in the same breath!

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