Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CDCAN: Townhall Telemeeting on IHSS Budget Cuts, Oct 21 Wed 1 to 2:45 PM

Here's an except from CDCAN's (California Disability Community Action Network) latest email. Sorry about the short notice I just received the email an hour ago. If you can make the time, call tomorrow and let the State know how you feel about the Draconian cuts to IHSS consumers' (clients') hours as a means of balancing the State budget.
CDCAN Townhall Telemeeting Wed at 1 PM
Focus on IHSS Budget Cuts – Lawsuit Update
Also This Week: Medi-Cal Optional Benefits Federal Lawsuit Filed By Medicaid Defense Fund Will Be Heard Oct 22 At 11 AM in SF Before 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

SACRAMENTO, CALIF (CDCAN) [Updated 10/20/09  09:59 AM  (Pacific Time)  - In the wake of a federal court ruling yesterday that stopped major cuts to In-Home Supportive Services that used little known assessment tools as a means to narrow eligibility and reduce services, a CDCAN Townhall Telemeeting is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon (October 21) from 1:00 PM to 2:45 PM featuring representatives and advocates for people with disabilities, mental health needs, the blind, seniors, and support workers to provide updates to that lawsuit, and also updates on other cuts and policy changes to IHSS that still remain. 

The free townhall telemeetings, since 2003,  have been a regular way for people who cannot easily leave their communities or homes due to health needs, supports, resources, transportation, to participate in public policymaking, to hear policymakers and others and to ask questions directly.  The townhall telemeetings can be accessed from any phone line, or by going to a participating local site that is dialing in. 

Depending on availability, someone from the legal team that represented IHSS recipients and workers in the lawsuit that stopped the IHSS budget reductions yesterday, may be on the townhall telemeeting to provide an update on the lawsuit.

OCTOBER 21, 2009 – WEDNESDAY  1:00 – 2:45 PM
TOLL FREE LINE:  877-551-8082   (no passcode)
Guest Speakers:
·         Lisa Barrows, Community Resource Coordinator, and Melanie Bazile, executive director -  STEP (Strategies To Empower People) a Sacramento based independent and supported living services organization
·         Deborah Doctor of Disability Rights California (formerly Protection and Advocacy Inc or PAI) and possibly someone from the legal team including Melinda Bird. 
·         Anne Guerra, executive director of the Nevada Sierra IHSS Public Authority (covers Nevada, Sierra and Plumas counties)
·         Janet Heinritz-Canterbury of the Los Angeles County Personal Assistance Services Council (IHSS Public Authority)
·         Christal Hopkins, disability advocate and IHSS recipient
·         Karen Keeslar, advocate and also representing United Domestic Workers, one of the unions representing IHSS workers
·         Debra Roth (or possibly Loretta Stevens), with SEIU, one of the unions representing IHSS workers
·         John Wilkins, disability rights advocate and IHSS recipient


  1. If you missed the townhall call listen to it on the CDCAN site -the two attorneys are very informative and Marty Omoto lays out effective strategy for dealing with these draconian, insulting new regulations. SEIU did little of the heavy lifting on the lawsuit that stopped the cuts based on the secret functional index scores but in a new robocall today they're claiming all the credit - as usual...

  2. SEIU continues to make secret backroom deals with the bosses resulting in takeaways at all levels, including wages and benefits for homecare workers and healthcare workers in general. Stern and his cohorts are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of union dues in order to file frivolous lawsuits against NUHW and other porogressive locals. They have no shame and little concern in the way they spend union dues as long as they "win" at all cost.

    SEIU is also known for throwing you under the bus if it works in their favor. Look at how they dealt with ACORN. There should be no doubt that the Purple Scabs will go to extremes in order to extort union dues from the workers they pretend to represent. SEIU are crooks and should be ashamed at calling themselves a union. Who in their right mind would want to be "represented" by someone who's in bed with the employer and is really only interested in collecting your dues?