Monday, October 12, 2009

Santa Rosa Memorial veteran hospital employee speak of SEIU UHW West's utter failure in organizing

The North Bay Labor Council is now getting involved in the dispute over two labor unions. A letter was sent out to the trustees of SEIU-UHW asking them not to delay or obstruct efforts by workers at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to form a union with the National Union of Healthcare Workers or NUHW.  Nancy Timberlake works in the trauma unit at Santa Rosa Memorial and explains what's happened.

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  1. I am an 18 year employee of SRMH. And, like my friend and college Nancy, have been involved in this Union organizing campaign since the beginning (nearly six years now Nancy...Jeez!). As an employee organizer I can state with absoulte certainty that SEIU-UHW is not welcome or wanted by the vast majority of employees at SRMH. In fact just this morning I attended an "informational" meeting for SRMH workers being held by SEIU at the Carpenter's union hall on Corby Ave. The only 3 employees to show up all supported NUHW and the only reason we decided to go was to make sure if any of our co-workers did happen to come, that SEIU did not lie to them. Of course since only NUHW supporters showed up we turned the meeting into a lively debate about how SEIU abandoned us just as we were prepared to move forward and how they continue to delay our election with what I can only describe as corporate style union busting!!! Our message to the purple plague is clear. Go Away And Leave Us Alone!!! You Aren't Welcome Here and You're Not Wanted Here!!!!