Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom..."

Disclaimer: Exactly who said what and name spellings may be incorrect but the gist of what was said should be pretty easy to figure out and follow.

Artists rendering of the tightly controlled teleconference Friday afternoon.

An unexpected perk of following the trial from the Zombies perspective included a mass email invitation to the post verdict debriefing. I received two invites: one sent to my real name and email address and one for the blog. Much to my surprise both received replies with the phone number to call. So I called in under my real name and after waiting on hold for 10 minutes (I called 2 minutes early to make sure I got in) I was patched into the call in the middle of a man's sentence. He then introduced Mary Kay Henry, International VP of SEIU. What a cheerleader!

When she took control of the phone call she announced an agenda.
  1. Verdict
  2. Evidence
  3. Feelings & Impressions

So, of course they were happy with the verdict for obvious reasons. Now they finally have a third party/jury-based opinion about these crimes against SEIU that the former UHW employees allegedly committed for defending the wishes of their members above the dictatorial wishes of Führer Stern. No doubt they will go to ridiculous lengths to promote this verdict to their own advantage, including recycled lies and other puffery.

Keep in mind the representation cost for Zombie SEIU was, according to Steve "Don't take the Bait" Trossman, $5 million and involved for 4 law firms. Given the Zombies propensity for lying it's sure much more than $5 million. Should they get every penny of the award (see below) they still lost $4.3 million, backed off of or had numerous claims struck down, galvanized NUHW staff and supporters and have further pitted members against each other and employers against workers. As both Randy Shaw of BeyondChron and Tasty Burger at Stern Burger with Fries point out, the award is for either $724,000 against NUHW itself or $854,150 for the 16 remaining (out of 28) defendants. Added together this adds up to just a little more than the oft repeated "more than $1.5 million" the Zombies are fond of quoting. 12 defendants were cleared of all charges including 2 during the trial itself.


The evidence the Zombies presented included:
  • secret conspiracy as far back as 2007, (likely a reaction to the secret deal with nursing home operators which is a real conspiracy!),
  • secret access to UHW servers (sounds like a lazy or incompetent sys admin to me),
  • secret (non-UHW addresses) email system (which, when used to resist a trusteeship is totally legal, as pointed out numerous times by Judge Alsup),
  • $3 million secret slush fund (didn't they drop this claim early on in the suit? It isn't listed in their "Guilty" flier.)
At this point a man's voice took over and covered many point to put the listeners into a froth. He stated that among other things, former UHW leaders:
Feelings & Impressions

He then stated that "they can't be trusted ever on anything". Has he (I believe he was Kohlman, the lawyer) followed what the Zombies have done since the trusteeship? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Finally he stated that everything in Barbara Lewis' [make the local] "ungovernable" memo came true. I don't know what the document stated, if it was a note to herself or a policy to be followed but the Zombies have done a fine job of making UHW ungovernable all by themselves. Of course this last comment concerns what has happened outside of January 2009, the focus of the trial, but still...I'm just saying.

At this point a Daughters of Charity member stated that she was very upset about the expired contract, and it's canceled extension. I wonder if she can admit to herself that the contract expiration and subsequent cancellation of the extension was to allow the members to strike for improved benefits. The half-truths Zombie supporters are willing to believe say in order to convince themselves the Zombies have their best interests at heart despite overwhelming evidence boggles the mind!

For a while there was some random spouting off from the "member bloggers" including Rudy Vallin stating it's time to "get back to work". Erica Boddie, another "member blogger"stated she was disappointed, felt this was a "slap in the face", complained about "purple shirts turning to red" and wondered why former leadership wasn't "practicing what you preach". She wanted it known that if she felt something was wrong with her union she would do everything within her power to fix it. What?! Where were you in the months leading up to the trusteeship? It's so easy to say that now! She also stated the obvious by saying that this trial "deeply impacted the labor movement" and now is the time to "restore the labor movement". Finally, she stated the trial has caused a lot of confusion among members. This surely was one of the Zombies goals, and for those Zombie supporters that read and believe everything stated in their emails and other propaganda, then pick up a newspaper or read any other source of news or opinion,confusion will result. And confused people made decisions they don't understand.

Mary Kay kicked in with a few completely unbelievable comments. She stated the "nation is cheering", spoke highly of the "3 incredible ['member blogger'] leaders" and finally "I'm completely indignant!"

Q & A

Finally came the Q & A which showcased how brainwashed some of the Zombie UHW members really are, and how some members will believe what ever is told to them by the union, no matter how ludicrous.

April, from Kaiser Vallejo, stated this was a "great, great, great victory" but wanted to know what was next, specifically do they go to jail? No, this was a civil trial jail time is not an option. Where would they get the idea jail time was a possibility for the defendants? Hmmmmmmm.

Not wanting to pass up a chance to show off her self-deprecation skills Erica Boddie stated she would have been just as happy with a damage award of "$1.98".

A reporter from the Daily Labor Report asked about the fees for representation. Erica's response: likely equal to what NUHW spent defending itself, but most importantly "the cost to us was a moral victory"! I couldn't have misquoted myself any better than she did just there. She didn't even stop to correct herself! She was confident about the excellent representation! Sheesh. The self-denial among this group of sheep is amazing to say the least!

David Moberg, of In These Times asked what evidence did the jury agree with, and was told "the jury just took it all in". How's that for a non-answer?!

Erica spoke up again and said she is "here to represent the members" and "it's time to move forward"

Finally some members who were waiting on hold got in on the action were allowed to speak. Sonoma county's very own human megaphone, homecare worker and one time NUHW supporter Mark Nelson profusely thanked the lawyer for his work, and then proclaimed the new name for NUHW: "First name: Nothin', Last name: Comin' ". This is the level of understanding and sophistication we in Sonoma county have come to expect from Mark. I was somewhat disappointed when Mark didn't try to start and S-E-I-U! S-E-I-U! S-E-I-U! chant right then and there.

But the best part came in the last few seconds of the teleconference from yet another Sonoma county homecare worker and turn-coat Karen Timmons (a/k/a marymagdaleneforpresident or Nerak as she is known on the "member blogs"). She stated without hesitation and quite proudly that Sal and company didn't care about workers, and, (I'm not putting words into her mouth) "they are sociopaths"! That was classic Karen. I wished I had the ability to legally record the conversation. She also felt that "an act of God or a thunderbolt" was needed" to wake them up", but now is the time to talk to members, be kind and thoughtful. I wonder if this includes known or suspected NUHW supporters.

Just before the phone called ended there was an announcement that there were no more people waiting to ask questions which makes me wonder if the Zombies were screening callers, and how many other were on hold.

 * * *

Through out this phone call there was a sense of carefully controlled language, and not-so-subtle suggestions about what the members need to take back to their coworkers to convince them this circus, this spending spree, this near complete legal defeat was somehow a tremendous win for workers. No matter how you look at it this trial failed in all of it's objectives. Persist and march on reformers turned NUHW employees and supporters, you all continue to amaze me!


  1. Thanks for this report. It's really getting hard to tell whether the SEIU staff and supporters are just pathological liars or truly delusional. What this verdict did was give a small slap to NUHW for fighting the international but gave a big slap to SEIU for their incredibly cynical and fake claims for damages.
    What this verdict makes clear is that Regan and SEIU have been lying to UHW workers for over a year now about "crimes" and "money being stolen." It's amazing that anyone still thinks the international has any real power or integrity.
    UHW members should be outraged over this witch hunt and reckless use of millions of their dues dollars. If Steve Trossman admits to 5 million, then you can be sure that the bill is at least double that.

  2. working for union democracyApril 12, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    Karen Timmons, you need to chill the hate speech about Sal Rosselli and NUHW. Your comments, made over the last several months, are eerily similar to the National Socialist German Workers Party's propaganda about Jews in the 1930s or the tea party's thinly disguised calls for violence against elected officials. Stop drinking the purple kool-aid!

  3. Time for an appointment to have your ears washed....If you were listening, what Erica Boddie stated was that it didn't matter the amount of damages NUHW is liable for after the trial - "it is a moral victory..." but that is just like you NUHW liars to twist words around as usual. Stop taking the "low road".

  4. Oh ye of rudimentary reading ability, I merely stated Erica failed to answer David Moberg's question. I take it you are a Kaiser member, who has taken the bait and allowed SEIU to think for you, bargain for you (but never share the contract) and rather enjoy attacking coworkers whom favored NUHW over SEIU. If I am right then too bad you. You disgust me. You have allowed the Zombies to turn union brother against brother. How does it feel to to be a tool in the Zombie army?