Thursday, February 11, 2010

One step closer to a contract for Memorial workers

Hey everybody, I have some great news to share with you.

The election at Memorial has finally been resolved. This is the final, authoritative and definitive response I was waiting for. What we all felt in our hearts December 18, now has the backing of the slowly waking up to the SEIU-induced nonsense NLRB.

I'd like to highlight my favorite part

It reads:
The remaining undetermined challenged ballots, if any, shown in the Final Tally column are (not) sufficient to affect the results of the election. A majority of the valid votes plus challenged ballots as shown in the Final Tally column has (not) been cast for NUHW.
So, despite the best efforts of the Zombies and the Memorial Bridge "let's just deal with management directly" folks, the voice of the majority has been heard. NUHW is in, the Zombies are out. The next and hopefully final hurdle is a hearing to resolve the remaining 4 of the original 10 objections submitted by Memorial management.

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