Thursday, February 18, 2010

Email from NUHW: "Real problems, fake protests"

Here's the latest  from NUHW. My favorite sentence: "Today SEIU can't even get ten people together for a picket." That's almost as pathetic as the "this is the only support we're giving you" fake rally for Memorial workers. At least there they had the idea of trucking in people from out of the area. Are they so strapped for cash they can't afford a single bus for a day? And who can forget Melissa Bosanco's observation "I don't see any of my co-workers on this picket line"?

Hey Zombies: do the job our dues money pay for like challenging an employer that is proposing cuts to hours, wages and staffing. Maybe a little advocacy for homecare workers while you at it? Please? I'm just saying.

NUHW, National Union of Healthcare Workers
Real problems, fake protests

Dear Keyser,

This morning, seven SEIU staff showed up outside my hospital and tried to get people to come outside for a picket to "support our contract." Only seven or eight workers came out, and when they did, it wasn't about our contract at all--SEIU was attacking those of us who are organizing to join NUHW.

We have real problems at Daughters of Charity hospitals, and we know why SEIU doesn't want to talk about our contract. They lied to us to get us to ratify an agreement that has takeaways on job security, health insurance, and scheduling, and doesn't even have full retro pay. (Leaflet: Retro pay or Giveaway?)

Healthcare workers are losing thousands of dollars because SEIU settled a cheap contract that sets us back.

But SEIU isn't doing the first thing to solve our problems. Instead they're wasting our dues money on stunts like the one today, to try to stop us from taking back our union with NUHW.

It won't work.

Just like workers at Kaiser, Santa Rosa Memorial, Los Alamitos, Providence Tarzana, the Sequoias, and Doctors San Pablo, we can see right through SEIU. They're on the boss's side and they're afraid of workers having control.

When we fought for a contract in 2008, we had hundreds of our co-workers marching with us. Today SEIU can't even get ten people together for a picket.

We're voting NUHW to bring back the strong, effective, democratic union we fought for years to build--and we're not going to let anyone stand in our way.
In unity,

Nina Ordonez
, CNA, Seton Coastside
National Union of Healthcare Workers

Way to stand up to the Zombie intimidation my future brothers and sisters! Keep up the good fight!

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