Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kaiser Santa Rosa Stewards to fellow members: see you on the other side!

For a year and a half now the Zombies have been slapping around their own members on multiple occasions and recently it's own staff, but now now they've really done it: 48 of their own stewards resigned en masse to support NUHW. That's 48 less in quickly shrinking army of largely willingly-blind supporters*. To quote from my favorite movie: They "showed these men of will what will really was".

I wonder just how much loss they have to endure before they realize they are fighting an uphill battle against a tiny, underfunded, small in membership but well supported upstart union they keep losing to! This should prove to be quite an exciting summer for union democracy,  California healthcare workers and the long overdue but well deserved collapse from it's own arrogance.

* I suspect the Zombies supporters are half willingly-blind supporters, and half totally clueless people who just believe what is told to them because of the perceived authority that is SEIU.

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